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At Collins Law Firm LLC, the client comes first.


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The Collins Law Firm LLC Philosophy

Experienced in representing clients with a wide variety of claims, whether the dispute involves a few thousand dollars or several million dollars.

Client-First Approach

At Collins Law Firm LLC, the client comes first.  Under this “client first” philosophy, the care, attention to detail, communication, and personal service offered to each client is direct, fair, compassionate, and top-notch.  Collins Law Firm LLC always puts the interests of the clients FIRST during all phases of the client’s case and NEVER stops fighting for them!

Effective Communication

At Collins Law Firm LLC effective communication means much more than the occasional meeting with the client.  Instead, clients are encouraged to communicate with Justin by phone call, text, or in-person meeting at any time they need to discuss anything about the case.  This leaves the client more relaxed and Justin more informed.

Pursuit of Winning Results

At Collins Law Firm LLC it’s understood that not every case is meant for trial. Sometimes, settlement makes the most sense for clients.  At other times, however, trying the case before a jury is the only way to achieve the right outcome. Either way, Justin best represents what the client wants and then acts to get the largest recovery possible for the client.

Contingency Fee

Under a contingency fee arrangement, the client is not required to pay to Collins Law Firm LLC any money at any time unless Collins Law Firm LLC achieves a successful recovery.  And then, Collins Law Firm LLC only receives a fractional percentage of the recovery for its legal services and for the costs it covered during the litigation.

Whether a few thousand or several million dollars are on the line,  Collins Law Firm LLC always dedicates the effort, compassion and enthusiasm needed to get the results his clients desire.  

$ 375000

Client Settlement

After the harmed client paid a fraudulently marked-up purchase price from large company.

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$ 330000

Client Settlement

Settlement received for client who was hurt in car accident with $300,000 in available insurance coverage

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