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I want to know that I can trust Collins Law Firm LLC – Why is the firm the right fit for my case?

For many cases, the choice of a law firm is one of the most important decisions that you will ever be required to make. At Collins Law Firm LLC (“Collins Law Firm LLC”) it is understood that your case is important to you and that choosing the right law firm is a must. Collins Law Firm LLC treats each case with the utmost attention, care, and respect. The firm is not a high-volume corporation that treats each case as simply a number or a business transaction. Your case is treated as just as important to the firm as it is to you.

What kinds of cases does your firm typically handle?

Collins Law Firm LLC is fully equipped to handle matters in many diverse practice areas that include:  school bullying, personal injury, daycare negligence, product liability, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse/negligence, defective drugs, contract disputes, class actions, lemon law claims, ride sharing accidents, consumer protection claims, arbitration, real estate/construction litigation and for-profit college fraud.

Do I have to come by your office and meet with you in person to be a client and to receive your legal services?

You can communicate with the firm by telephone and email to allow for quick and easy interaction.  Sometimes, though, it is best to schedule an in-person meeting. While this is not required, it is often helpful, and it can be arranged to best fit your schedule – often, you can have an in-person appointment within a day or two of your request (or sometimes the same day!)

Is it easy to come visit my attorney at the Collins Law Firm LLC?

Yes.   The firm is conveniently located at 13321 N. Outer 40 Road in Town & Country and has plenty of parking that is immediately in front of the building.  You simply park directly by the building and will find the front door a few feet away from your parking spot.

What are your business hours?

The firm’s typical business hours are 8:00a – 6:00p Monday through Friday.  However, the firm is also willing to schedule appointments before or after these times if your schedule becomes too busy or if you work during these hours.  You can even schedule weekend appointments if required. Please also keep in mind that the firm responds to emails day and night, and usually returns calls and emails within one day (and typically within a few hours)

Does your firm charge for consultations?

No.   Collins Law Firm LLC never charges for an initial consultation.  If you think you have a case, and you have questions for the firm, your case will be evaluated completely free of charge.   The firm makes such a service free to you so that you know your legal rights and can make a fully informed and proper decision about how to best proceed with your case.

What will your firm's legal fees cost me?

Nothing up front.  That’s because Collins Law Firm LLC works on a contingency fee basis, meaning that the firm recovers money only when you do.  If your case is successfully resolved, the firm receives an agreed upon fraction of the collected money. That way, you are not required to make any payments to the firm on an hourly basis or while the case is ongoing.

How do I become a client of Collins Law Firm LLC

It’s easy!   Please call us at (314)-485-3237, or after-hours at 314-370-9393, to speak with a member of the firm.  You will immediately be scheduled your free consultation at a time that is most convenient for you. During your free consultation, the firm will then immediately get to work in determining how it can best represent you to ensure your case receives the results you expect.

What should I do when I have a question about my case?

You are always welcome to call the firm at (314)-485-3237, or after-hours at 314-370-9393.  You can also email Justin directly at justin@collinslawclf.com at any time with any questions that you have and he will be back with you very shortly (usually within a few hours).

What can I expect from Collins Law Firm LLC?

You can expect to have serious, respectful, professional and caring treatment at all times.  Your case becomes our case, which means your concerns and expectations are fully shared by Collins Law Firm LLC.  You are always welcome to reach out by phone, email or to stop by the office for an in-person visit. Your case will always be treated as a priority and you will always be treated just as if you were part of Justin’s family.

How will your firm keep me up to speed about what’s going on with my case?

The firm will keep you updated on important developments with your case.   You will likely have questions as your case moves along, and Justin will personally be there every step of the way to ensure that all your questions and concerns are fully addressed in a timely manner.

How much is my case worth if I want to try for a settlement?

Determining a fair settlement value is always based on case-by-case factors.  And you, as a client, would always have the final say when it comes to settling.  But the firm will work with you to evaluate and explain all your options in simple terms and “plain English” so that you are able to make the best-informed decision that works best for you.  Our job is to listen to your goals and concerns, to fully hear you out, and to work as hard as possible to get you the outcome and payment that you believe you are owed.

Am I required to go into court after my case is filed?

That will depend.  You may never have to step foot into the courthouse after your case is filed. Over time, there will be a clearer picture of whether your case might settle or whether it will proceed to trial.  If it settles, there will be no need for you to appear in court. If it goes to trial, you may need to appear, but you will be fully prepared so that you are made to feel as comfortable and as confident as possible throughout the entire litigation process.

How long will may case take to finally resolve?

Each case is different.  Some cases may settle within a few weeks, while others may proceed to trial, and that process takes quite a bit longer.  As it respects the timing of your case, what is important is that your attorney keep careful watch of any required deadlines.  Collins Law Firm LLC keeps on top of all required deadlines and also keeps you in the loop about these deadlines and other scheduling timelines.  The bottom line is the Collins Law Firm LLC will work to resolve your case in a timely fashion. The goal is never to drag your case out or to spend even a day longer on the case than is required.