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-Bethany and Mark E.

“When our son, who has special needs, was being bullied on a daily basis and the school was doing nothing about it, we as parents felt lost.  Collins Law Firm helped us when we thought there was no way we could go against a school system and its lawyers.   Justin helped us get the settlement we deserved… and we are thankful for his hard work!”

-Kenneth Q.

“I hired the services of Justin Collins to represent me in an unethical time share case involving a time share company that falsely represented their product and a major credit card company that reversed their decision not in my favor and Mr. Collins was the difference!  He was relentless in his pursuit with both companies and filed a court case and was able to secure full compensation
for my actions and I appreciate his positive energy and efforts! “

“We were dealing with our second defective roof from the same roofing manufacturer when we contacted Collins Law Firm LLC. We were quite frustrated as our roof should have lasted 30 years not 10 years. Thanks to Collins Law Firm LLC we got the new roof we wanted without paying a penny. And that includes all labor! We highly recommend Collins Law Firm LLC!"

-Charles and Michelle W.

“Justin was tenacious, pragmatic, and focused on handling my case.  He made the complexity of litigating my case look simple, he focused all his attention on representing me.”

-Nick F.

"Collins Law Firm helped me to  build a strong case and gave me the support I needed to see it through.  Justin was responsive and available when I needed him. He answered all of my questions promptly and professionally.  He was very efficient and always had my best interests in mind. I would recommend Collins Law Firm and already have referred this firm to friends and family.”


"Justin’s incredible legal mind, and unmatched communication ability really gave me the confidence as a client that he was making the right approach for a winning strategy. His client- focused philosophy made me feel comfortable in an otherwise uncomfortable, and unknown process. I give my highest possible endorsement for the services that Justin and the Collins Law Firm offers."

-Kyle M.

“I purchased a warranty that did not stand behind their written policies.  Collins Law Firm was able to step in and get me what I paid for.  He followed through with what he said he would do and Justin was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and prompt. I highly recommended Collins Law Firm you want results!”


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