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Privacy Policy


Collins Law Firm LLC (“the firm”) takes the privacy and protection of its website visitors’ very seriously. Please read our privacy policy to learn more about how we collect and use non-personal data to improve the firm’s website and services.


Shared & Security Measures: No information obtained from the firm’s users will be shared with any external third parties. We will not ask for credit card or banking information over this website. Any non-personal information that is retrieved by your submission becomes the property of Collins Law Firm LLC, but the firm will not share or sell any such information to third parties. Any information that you elect to share through the firm’s website should be done cautiously and with the understanding that it is possible that such information may be viewed or accessed by parties unaffiliated with Collins Law Firm LLC.


Consent: At all times, and without exception, you consent to the firm’s use of your collected information by accessing this website. The firm will continue to improve its privacy policy and the security of its information. Please contact the firm if you have any questions about the firm’s privacy policy.